Nanny Rates


Once you've started the booking process by filling out Book Now form, we find your nanny!  I will e-mail you the Nanny's photo and bio upon selection.  

SERVICE AREAS:    We go to:  American Canyon, Napa, Sonoma (parts of), Yountville, St Helena, Calistoga.    We reserve the right to refuse to work in areas we deem are not suitable for us for any reason, or in areas where there is no cell phone service ( such as Chiles Valley area)

We DO NOT provide service in  Fairfield, Vallejo, Healdsburg, Cloverdale, Geyserville,  Lake County, Bodega Bay

  •  Please inform NVN any factors about your child that may require a nanny with specialized experience in that area (Please read Terms of Service)  


*  There is a 4 hour minimum charge each day you reserve  Credit card information must be provided to secure your date - your date is not locked in until booking fee is paid      JOBS OVER 9 HOURS require time & 1/2 pay

                        --- Hourly rates are paid in full by parent directly to the nanny after her shift ---

                                                   Babies must be at least 5 months old please

  • Booking/ Agency Fee - starts at $40.00  -  per day or per shift, per nanny needed- non refundable - Not applied to hourly rate.  Call or fill out form for quote.
  • Hourly rates for one family-  starts at $22/hr - depending on number and ages of children.   Holiday rates/dates below.  Call or fill out form for quote.
  • Shared services (not siblings) - starts at $14/hr - per family - depending on number of families & ages.  Call or fill out form for quote.


  • Pets:  we must be informed ahead of time if you have a pet with you, as some nannies are highly allergic to cats or dogs.  Please read TOS for more info regarding leaving any pets with us.   Additional $20.00 for pets left with us.  Call or fill out form for more information.  
  • You must be already checked into your room or rental at least 30 minutes before we arrive and cannot be checked out the day we arrive.   Please stay an extra night if you need us before 2pm the day of appointment, but are not reserved to stay the night before.  

Cancellation Policy:

  • A two day - 48 hour notice is required or $50.00 is charged.  Four day cancellation required for the following holidays - New Years Eve;  Memorial Day weekend (fri-mon); July 4th; Labor Day weekend (fri-mon)   
  • Less than 12 hour cancellation is an $88.00 charge. ( 4 hr min at lowest hourly rate of $22/hr)
  • Please inform us if your child gets very ill with something highly contagious - like the flu.  




Call us!  (707)266-1474 

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