Who is Napa Valley Nanny & How do you screen your nannies?

We are a small band of quality Childcare Professionals.  Some nannies have generations who have lived in Napa and are mom's themselves.   Others have many years of Daycare experience, either as Owner or Director. Two of my nannies have worked years with the Boys and Girls Club.  We come prepared with an individual Nanny Fun Bag of toys, games and art projects.  Our goal is to come and engage with your children for hours!  We all love what we do!  

The nannies that work with me are:

  • Live Scanned and/or Trustline Registered - an extensive background check that can takes weeks to complete.  When I receive final clearance, this can be passed on to you.
  • They must provide at least 2 outstanding childcare references, one of which I can share with you in writing
  • Nannies should have at least 2 years of hired, non-family related childcare experience.  However, most NVN nannies have an average of 7 yrs experience.
  • They are personally interviewed by me, therefore I can gauge whether they truly have a LOVE for children, and a desire to meet their needs!
  • They also must be CPR/ First aid certified
  • At least 21 years of age (rare exceptions)


  • Because of the thoroughness of the interviewing, background check and reference checks - only 40% of the applicants are actually approved to work with my company.
  • At least two of my current providers have Autism and Special Needs training


  • A short Bio they wrote, and a headshot photo
  • A childcare reference in writing  (I spoke with over the phone as well)
  • A copy of their CPR/First Aid card
  • A copy of their Trustline Clearance if available - if it's not available yet, you will receive proof of their fingerprint submission through Live Scan
  • After the booking fee is paid, you will also have their cell phone number 


I'm confident that any nanny you hire as one of my referrals will exceed your expectations.  These wonderful childcare providers have extensive experience either with newborn babies - toddlers - or school age.  I will help to assign the nanny who has the most experience with your child's age group.     Those who work as a Childcare Provider with Napa Valley Nanny requires mutual trust, honest communication and certainty that they will be fully capable, and totally engaged with your child.   And of course, have fun with your little ones!

Will I know who will be coming?

Absolutely!  As previously stated,  I will send you an e-mail with a short introduction of the provider that is available for you on the date you request. That e-mail will include a brief personal bio the nanny writes herself, including a picture, and an attached written referral from a local parent.  I want you to feel totally secure in your decision!  And, if I am available, I am happy to fulfill childcare requests.

However, especially for reservations that are many weeks or months in advance - your hired childcare provider may not be known until closer to the date.


We will be staying in a hotel - how will you spend time with my child?

Depending on the weather and location of hotel, we can definitely enjoy some outdoor activities.  While inside, I have a wide range of fun, clean and safe toys, games and art projects, that will keep us busy for hours - no matter the age - we should have a great time!

Going to the pool depends on the children's age and other considerations.  Older school age children preferred for this. Safety comes first.  A pool release form must be signed by parent - which the Nanny will bring.

For children under 6, each job ends with a detailed nanny log that informs you of how we spent our time together.  For babies, this includes feeding and diaper change times.

Communication with parent during shift:

The hired nanny will be more than happy to send as many text updates as you would like during her shift.  Some are glad to add pictures or video's - to be deleted of course when her job is over.  Please indicate to your nanny how often you would like an update.  At times there is spotty cell phone reception, so if that is the case, there may be a few minutes delay in getting back to you.

end faq